Saturday, December 30, 2017

December Part 2

Here is the rest of December, not including the big events (which get their own posts!)

When I was a kid we used to go to The Nutcracker every year for my great grandma's birthday.  This year, we decided to go again!  This is the same company that I performed in The Nutcracker with years and years ago, but this year they changed their name and all of the costumes.  It was like seeing an entirely new ballet!  I enjoyed every part of it, and was so happy to be there with so many wonderful ladies!  I wish we all got a picture together, but this will do.

I GOT TO SEE SARAH!  She came in town for the holidays, and we got to run errands and get lunch together.  It was so fun to see her and catch up!  She is doing amazing things!

At a white elephant party, Bailey and I received these little toilet shot glasses!  They have really come in handy when it comes to bathroom decorating.

Bailey's mom always gets us sweatshirts for Christmas, and it is always fun to see what she comes up with!  This year our sweatshirts have Lec's brand on them.  I love the color!

Of course I have to include a picture of Yuki, who is still kickin' it.  She has so much energy!

This is little Reggie!  He is so cute!  Wace got him for Christmas from Bailey Jo and he is the sweetest thing ever.  We got to play with him a lot, and he just really loves to snuggle!  He is so small, and fits perfectly in my hand.  He likes to climb on Bailey's feet and crawl into my sweatshirt pocket!

Sadly, Reggie is no longer with us and we are all heartbroken.  Just this Thursday, the same day that Shakee died, as luck would have it, Reggie suddenly died from what they decided must be a birth defect or an infection.  It has really been a rough couple of days.

On Friday I had the opportunity to see my high school best friend get sealed to her sweet husband!  After having the worst day of my life thus far with everything that went on on Thursday, it was so great to be able to spend some time in the temple and to be a part of such a happy celebration.  Marriage is the best!  Plus, doesn't Kylee look gorgeous?!  It was an honor being one of her bridesmaids!

I love this picture, because the three of us were so tight in junior high and high school.  Things have changed so much since then, but these two will always hold a special place in my heart!

Friday, December 15, 2017

December Part 1

December is always a pretty happenin' month!  There's already been a lot that's gone on.

At the beginning of this month, I worked my last Saturday in the Roots of Knowledge Gallery.  I told my family that, and got lots of visitors!  I love this gallery and everything that it contains, and I will really miss sharing it with others!

Look who came home!  A few days after Ethan came home from his Taiwan mission, we went to Roxberry for some smoothies.  We walked in, and he just went right behind the counter and started taking orders and making smoothies like he never left!  All the employees were super confused, but it definitely made Bailey and I laugh!

Yuki is still doing great.  I swear she is becoming less nocturnal!  She cracks me up all the time.  Here she is just watching me do my homework one day.

My niece Boston is just the sweetest ever!  I missed a family birthday party the other day, which was at an arcade.  Boston felt bad that I missed it and saved up all of her tickets to buy me this purple ring.

Chanel, Eths, and I went up to Orem to meet Jeff for some smoothies!  It was so fun for us all to catch up!  Jeff then invited us over to his dorm to hang out and meet his roommates which was fun.  Do you like Jeff's living room decoration?

Bailey and I made some tasty ramen out of some broth that we found at Smith's.  It was good, but the ramen at the Sage Market is still the best!

I've been sending mail to Monica and Andrew, and I think most of it has gotten lost in transit... Finally, though, one of our letters made it!  I was so happy when Monica sent us this picture!

Thursday, November 30, 2017


November was busy, full of school, work, and more work!  I'm still working at both UVU and FotoFly, but I put in my two weeks at the Roots of Knowledge gallery because things are getting a little bit too crazy.  Sad!  It doesn't help that it is Santa season at FotoFly.  Things are so busy!

It has been fun, though, working at such a festive place, seeing all of the ADORABLE Santa pictures come through.  I'm really getting excited for Christmas!

Nothing super exciting happened this month, but I'll post the few pictures that I've taken these past few weeks.

Here is Bailey, keeping his new shoes clean while working outside.

We haven't really seen any snow yet, which is nice!  Sometimes we get some really sunshiny days and it makes me really happy.  Goats + sunshine = happy Madi.

Goats can be a little bit of a nuisance though.  Not only when they climb on your windowsill in the middle of the night, waking you up!  But they also aren't very aware of moving vehicles, as you can see in our backup camera.

Chanel and I went up with my mom, Jen, Des, Liam, and Ayla to the Christkindlmarkt in Salt Lake City!  We ate some seriously delicious soup, and had lots of fun roaming around, looking at all the little vendor booths.

Thanksgiving was wonderful of course!  Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays.  We celebrated early at my Grandma's house, so that we all could spend the ENTIRE day together.  We got together first thing in the morning to prepare Thanksgiving lunch!  Even Ayla helped by bringing everything in the fridge to my mom!

It was a wonderful day, filled with family, food, and fun.  My favorite is working on puzzles every year!

On actual Thanksgiving day, we drove down to Mapleton for a big extended family Thanksgiving meal with Bailey's family!  The food was delicious!  The night ended with lots of fun (and tasty food!) with my dad's side of the family!

That's about it for November!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Introducing Yuki the Hamster

Last Friday was Black Friday, and what does that mean?  Well for me it meant a day of work!  I got off a little bit early though, since my whole family was off, and we made time for some fun!

My mom had a couple of errands to run, so Bailey and I went with her.  One of her stops was Deseret Book, and on the way out Bailey told us that he needed to go to Petsmart to look at the hamsters.  Super random!

So we went into Petsmart and looked around, specifically at the hamsters.  Bailey decided then and there that we needed one.  I wasn't so sure!  I liked the dwarf hamsters and thought they were so cute, but I definitely didn't think that we needed one.  We are so busy anyway!  I told Bailey we'd think about it, just to get him to stop trying to convince me.

Well, that night was pie night at Kylie's mom's (one of the best nights of the year!), and by the time we left the party we had decided to buy the cute little white hamster that I saw running around.

We raced over to Petsmart before they closed (we had to get there in time for the 50% off Black Friday deals!) and came out with a tiny little grey hamster.  We were a little bummed when the white hamster I saw was no longer there, but once they handed us the box with our new little friend, we knew she was meant to be ours!

By the time we got home we had named her "Yuki".  Now she's got an awesome little cage all to herself to play and run around in!

And boy does she play and run around.... SHE'S SO LOUD.  We did not expect this tiny little thing to be so loud!  Also, I was unaware that hamsters are nocturnal.  So, Yuki gets to spend every night in the bathtub, out of earshot.

For the first few days, all Yuki did was hide.  But after just a few days she started coming out and taking treats from our hands.  Now she will let us hold her.  However she doesn't stay still, and just tries to climb up our arms all the time!

We absolutely love our little Yuki, even though she's so loud and flips over her food bowl all the time!  She is super picky, and only eats certain things out of her food mix.  Everything else she either tips over or kicks out of her cage.  It gets pretty messy.

So that is our biggest news!  We are a happy little family of three now, as you can see in Bailey's drawing that he did at work.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Travels and (Christmas) Trees

Thanksgiving is over, so it is now Christmastime!  To be honest, my tree has been up for weeks now.  I thought about waiting to put it up, but then I thought about how happy my Christmas tree makes me.  So why should I wait?  I got the husband approval and bam!  Christmastime!

Living in just a bedroom, our tree may not seem like much to behold to the average viewer.  I have been using this same tree since I was a little girl!  There was nothing more magical tha going to bed with the Christmas lights on on my little bedroom tree.  Those are some of my coziest memories.  Over the years the colorful lights have been switched to white lights, and my ornaments have gotten a little bit more uniform than all the random things that used to go on my tree.

This year, though, our ornaments have gone back to random!  They are all very different from each other, but I suppose they all belong to the same group.  Travel!

Bailey and I have started collecting ornaments from every trip we go on.  We actually just decided to do this after last year's San Francisco trip, so we did cheat and buy a few online.  In the end it doesn't matter, though, because when I look at my tree I get all the happy feels, thinking about all the adventures we have had since we got married last year!  Here are our ornaments so far:

Portland, Oregon

San Francisco, California

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Yangshuo, China

Disneyland Anaheim (California)

You see, it isn't SUPER consistent considering we went to 3 destinations in Mexico, and countless destinations in China.  We figure, though, that one ornament per trip is sufficient and can represent the whole country.  Camping trips are another gray line, but ornaments aren't super easy to find unless we go to like a national park or something.  So we pretty much made the overall decision to not buy ornaments for each camping trip.  That would be way too many ornaments!

Our tree lacks a star at this point, and I am debating whether or not I should go buy a cheap one, or if I should make it a goal to get a star from one of next year's travels.  My mom had a good idea - maybe we should go to Bethlehem to buy a star!

Speaking of next year's trips... (unfortunately Bethlehem isn't in our near future), this is what we've got coming Spring of 2018:

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
The Netherlands
Houston, Texas
Merida, Mexico
Chichen Itza
Cancun/Isla Mujures

How grateful I am for my travel partner/husband that is okay with me booking cheap flights on the spot!  We've already booked more than Bailey's PTO allows, as these trips will take over a month combined.  And that's just spring!  We hope to get to Hawaii to visit our BFFs Shey and Petro in the fall.  I'm not positive how we will make it work, but I know that we will!  As Seiji says, "we will cross that bridge when we get to the river".

I'm not exactly sure what the goal was with this post.  Christmas or travel?  Nonetheless, happy Christmas season to all!  Also, come travel with us!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tales of a "Butcher Shop Victim"

Happy Halloween to all!  As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I am at quite an awkward stage in my life when it comes to Halloween.  Too old to go trick or treating, too lame to go to college Halloween parties, and I don't have kids yet so I don't even get to take anyone trick or treating.  I LOVE the costume part of Halloween, but unfortunately I am too busy (or scatterbrained?) to come up with solid costumes each year.  Not like we would have anywhere to wear them anyway.

My life Halloween goals are as follows:
Phase 1: Detailed, handmade, and clever couple costumes.
Phase 2: Detailed, handmade, and clever coordinating family costumes.  My children may or my not get a say in what they would like to be for Halloween (no superheros allowed).

As you can see, I have yet to start these phases of life.  Bailey and I have never had coordinating Halloween costumes!  The closest we've gotten are our togas from Senior "Morp".  And I've been wearing that toga every Halloween since.

Anyway, I didn't do anything of significance tonight other than go to Chili's with Bailey's family after I ate dinner.  An expensive and dangerous idea for sure (I might possibly explode from all the food).  But I must tell you of the Halloween party that happened on Saturday, because that was my major seasonal event!

Every time one of us grandkids starts junior high, we get the best Halloween party thrown for us and our friends!  I still remember my Halloween party.  That was terrifying and hilarious.  This year we had a number of girls start junior high, so it was up to the rest of us to put together the spookiest of spook alleys.  I swear, it gets better every time!

It was a long, cold night, but so much fun.  Let me take you on a walk through our alley...

First you get on this "haunted bus"

It will drive you through the "warehouse" - Grandpa's shop.  Seiji will warn you not to go in there, but your crazy driver won't listen!

It will be so foggy inside, you won't be able to see anything... when all of a sudden the bus is ambushed!  All you hear are yells, things banging into the bus, and all sorts of ruckus.  It is actually really quite overwhelming.  Here are our boys in there, even though they wouldn't be seen by any partygoers.

Your crazy driver, trying to start back up the bus that "died" will then drive you right through the wall of the warehouse!  (Maybe he's not so crazy after all - he never missed the tarp over the opening!

Your next stop is the haunted forest.  This is the point where, if you are a 12 year old girl, you stop to take a bathroom break because you are too scared.

Grandpa and I are the opening act in the haunted forest.  All partygoers must pass through Grandpa's butcher shop.  My job was to be his "victim", covered in blood, dead on his table.  Well, people are supposed to think I'm dead.  Grandpa convinced one person from each group to hold my arm so he can cut it off.  But the second they touch my arm, I SCREAM!  Haha it scared them so bad every time!

Now you can meet some of the other friends from our little forest!  Some of these pictures we had to take before the party, when it was still light, so just imagine these characters in the dark!

Of course, right when you think you are done and and back to safety, this crazy guy will chase you with his chainsaw!

Oh my gosh we just had so much fun on Saturday night!  It is interesting how much satisfaction comes from scaring people.  Scaring junior high kids is fun enough, but when my in-laws came with their friends for a run through, and my father in law touched my arm...  I wish you could have seen that reaction!  When I moved, he jumped, screamed, and swore all at the same time!  It was probably the best scare of the night!

We are all feeling a little bit hesitant to call this our last Halloween party even though it really probably was our last group of junior high kids.  We are considering doing it again in the future maybe for some charity fundraising?  We don't have solid plans yet, but I do hope that my scaring times are not over!

Here are just a few more pictures from that fun night!

 We were trying to get some "in character" pictures, but I couldn't keep it together when I looked up at Grandpa and he had a "bloody nose".

And a shoutout to my grandma, who does ALL the work on the actual party side!  She makes the greatest party host, gypsy, and fortune teller.  I wish we had a better picture of her in her costume!