Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve always gives me a little bit of anxiety, and I'm not sure why!  It wasn't as bad this year though, because I think I'm ready for the new year!

2017 was overall AMAZING.  All because of our semester in China of course.  I can't believe how many adventures we were able to go on, how much delicious food we got to try, and how many lifelong friends we made!  It was seriously the greatest time of our life.

Since then it has just been normal life, but that is good too.  We've been progressing in school which is good, and working hard and putting money away for more travels (and eventually a house!)  Nothing too exciting, but we have to get done with school.  It is better now that the end is in sight!

Anyway, not once have I ever been invited to one of those exciting New Year's Eve parties you always hear about.  Do they even exist?  Either way, even if I was invited to one, I don't think there's any better way to spend New Year's Eve than eating crab with my family!  I love this tradition!

This year the crab was accompanied with spinach artichoke dip with bread, and a chocolate fountain with anything you would want to dip in it.  It was definitely a delicious time.

We always watch home videos, which probably isn't that interesting to the inlaws.  But it's tradition!  I love that my parents filmed so much of our childhood.

And what New Year's Eve party is complete without a Tetris tournament?  It was a very close call, but my mom proved to be the Tetris Champion of 2017.  I got second place but have big plans to move up to first by next year!

So that's really it!  The end of 2017!  Honestly, I'm surprised we were all able to stay up late enough to look at the clock at 12:11 and be like "oh hey it's 2018 now".

I foresee 2018 to be a bit of a long year as we work on school and making money.  We do have a couple of adventures planned though, which makes me happy!

I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve!  Now on to the worst month!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

December Part 2

Here is the rest of December, not including the big events (which get their own posts!)

When I was a kid we used to go to The Nutcracker every year for my great grandma's birthday.  This year, we decided to go again!  This is the same company that I performed in The Nutcracker with years and years ago, but this year they changed their name and all of the costumes.  It was like seeing an entirely new ballet!  I enjoyed every part of it, and was so happy to be there with so many wonderful ladies!  I wish we all got a picture together, but this will do.

I GOT TO SEE SARAH!  She came in town for the holidays, and we got to run errands and get lunch together.  It was so fun to see her and catch up!  She is doing amazing things!

At a white elephant party, Bailey and I received these little toilet shot glasses!  They have really come in handy when it comes to bathroom decorating.

Bailey's mom always gets us sweatshirts for Christmas, and it is always fun to see what she comes up with!  This year our sweatshirts have Lec's brand on them.  I love the color!

Of course I have to include a picture of Yuki, who is still kickin' it.  She has so much energy!

This is little Reggie!  He is so cute!  Wace got him for Christmas from Bailey Jo and he is the sweetest thing ever.  We got to play with him a lot, and he just really loves to snuggle!  He is so small, and fits perfectly in my hand.  He likes to climb on Bailey's feet and crawl into my sweatshirt pocket!

Sadly, Reggie is no longer with us and we are all heartbroken.  Just this Thursday, the same day that Shakee died, as luck would have it, Reggie suddenly died from what they decided must be a birth defect or an infection.  It has really been a rough couple of days.

On Friday I had the opportunity to see my high school best friend get sealed to her sweet husband!  After having the worst day of my life thus far with everything that went on on Thursday, it was so great to be able to spend some time in the temple and to be a part of such a happy celebration.  Marriage is the best!  Plus, doesn't Kylee look gorgeous?!  It was an honor being one of her bridesmaids!

I love this picture, because the three of us were so tight in junior high and high school.  Things have changed so much since then, but these two will always hold a special place in my heart!

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, my friends!

I love Christmas!  It is so cozy, there's lots of delicious food, and we got to just hang out with family all day long!

We tried getting up early this morning and made it just in time for Christmas breakfast.  Christmas breakfast at my grandma's house is so fun, I love seeing everyone in their new pajamas and the kids with their new toys.  Even though I'm always so sleepy!

After breakfast Bailey and I opened up our stockings that we filled for each other.  We had a few presents for each other too, but Bailey has been SO excited about them, we had already opened them all up early!  (We finally agreed on trading one present each weekend leading up to Christmas)  I meant to take a picture but I never did I guess.  Anyway, our stockings were filled with a couple of little gifts, and lots of tasty treats!  We had done most of our treat shopping at Pirate O's, so we got all sorts of international treats/snacks, which are the best kinds of snacks.

We spent the afternoon with Bailey's family where we snacked all day and traded gifts with his siblings.  We rotate names each year, and this year had Bailey's sister Brandie and her family.  We made them a giant Jenga set!  It was kind of a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.

Wace and Bailey Jo made us the cutest sign that says Holmes, and holds pictures of Bailey and I on our adventures.  We love it!

We had to leave the party a little bit early to make it in time for Shiba dinner.  But oh was it worth it!  Grandma and Grandpa cooked THE BEST steak!  We ate so much!  We really enjoyed being there and chatting with everyone.

We are so blessed with amazing family on both my sides, and on Bailey's side!  It was so cool to be able to see all of our family in just one day.  Yay for Christmas!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

My mom has claimed Christmas Eve as her night to host the Christmas festivities.  No complaints here!  Delicious dinner + free pajamas.  We are in!

The night started with the most fantastic ribeye dinner.  My mom makes some KILLER ribeye, let me tell you.

After dinner we were ready to get cozy, so we opened up our annual pajamas.  It is tradition!  This year I helped my mom pick out the pants, hence the hedgehogs.

Present time!  We were given some thoughtful presents this year, and we had fun giving gifts as well.  We love these cool postcards that Seiji and Kylie got us!  Mine are vintage Disney themed, and Bailey's are of each of the National Parks.

My parents gave us a Disneyland trip for early Christmas this year, which we loved so much!  They also filled stockings for us to open tonight.  I freaking love opening stockings - I love treats!  And my mom is the best at putting fun little things in there as well, like these little hedgehog greeting cards!

We haven't made cookies for Christmas Eve in years!  We decided that it was about time to start that up again, so a few days ago I whipped up some sugar cookie dough.  Tonight we rolled it and cut it out.  Seiji got really creative, check out his fish made out of a squirrel cookie cutter!

Frosting is definitely the best time when it comes to making cookies.  I probably eat more frosting than I use to frost!  Mmm buttercream.

We made some delightful cookies this year, if I do say so myself.  These are the ones Bailey and I personally made (and didn't eat right away)

We all had a blast but we are also all old people now, so at that point it was about time to call it a night.  Happy Christmas Eve!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Rogers Christmas Party 2017

The Rogers Christmas party is always a highlight of the Christmas season!

We always start with a delicious dinner and some dessert (in each hand)!

Next is the hayride!  We always love the hayride!  For some reason we are very bad at staying all together when singing Christmas songs, but I really do think that we are improving a little bit each year.

Ayla thought that the hayride was pretty cool... but mostly because of the lights!  She was always either looking at the lights or dancing!

I love watching everyone open their presents!  I was spoiled this year with books, games, and all sorts of fun things.  The best present, though is the one that Seiji and Kylie gave to my parents!  A gender reveal!

We were all so surprised!  Kylie told us that the appointment wasn't until after Christmas, but they have known FOR A WEEK!  I have no idea how they kept it such a secret!  It was quite the reveal, with me screaming and crying from excitement.

Nothing could top the reveal, so that's about it for my Christmas Party post.  It was a really fun night, I love being with my family!

Friday, December 15, 2017

December Part 1

December is always a pretty happenin' month!  There's already been a lot that's gone on.

At the beginning of this month, I worked my last Saturday in the Roots of Knowledge Gallery.  I told my family that, and got lots of visitors!  I love this gallery and everything that it contains, and I will really miss sharing it with others!

Look who came home!  A few days after Ethan came home from his Taiwan mission, we went to Roxberry for some smoothies.  We walked in, and he just went right behind the counter and started taking orders and making smoothies like he never left!  All the employees were super confused, but it definitely made Bailey and I laugh!

Yuki is still doing great.  I swear she is becoming less nocturnal!  She cracks me up all the time.  Here she is just watching me do my homework one day.

My niece Boston is just the sweetest ever!  I missed a family birthday party the other day, which was at an arcade.  Boston felt bad that I missed it and saved up all of her tickets to buy me this purple ring.

Chanel, Eths, and I went up to Orem to meet Jeff for some smoothies!  It was so fun for us all to catch up!  Jeff then invited us over to his dorm to hang out and meet his roommates which was fun.  Do you like Jeff's living room decoration?

Bailey and I made some tasty ramen out of some broth that we found at Smith's.  It was good, but the ramen at the Sage Market is still the best!

I've been sending mail to Monica and Andrew, and I think most of it has gotten lost in transit... Finally, though, one of our letters made it!  I was so happy when Monica sent us this picture!